Our services are free to you.

We’ll never charge you, whether you go ahead with the loan or not.

Wait, how does 808 make any money?

Our services are covered by the lender only if the loan settles. Commission rates are all very similar but will soon be exactly the same, so we’re not inclined to favour one over the other. You’re our client, not the banks.

What does a broker actually do?

A broker looks at your specific situation and then compares the available loans on the market to select those that match with your situation.

It’s like having access to all the options on the menu, instead of just the chalkboard of your bank’s ‘specials’.

Making you feel comfortable and assured is our job. The paperwork and getting the loan through just happens to be how we accomplish that.

What are the benefits of a broker?

Never personally having to speak to a bank, for one.

808 Finance fills out all your paperwork and will liaise with the lender on your behalf, so you won’t get a surprise phone call grilling you about your savings account history.

Ultimately, we’ll answer your questions and get this (boring but important) part of your life sorted – including following up regularly during, throughout and after settlement.

What makes 808 different?

We believe applying for a loan should be exciting, not stressful.

We take the ‘scary’ and the ‘boring’ out of finding a lender and getting approval. An 808 broker will visit whenever and wherever is most comfortable for you – a cafe, your lounge room, a sports bar – you choose.

We save the suits and formality for the bank, opting for a leisurely chat to help you fully understand your situation, the process and requirements.