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We're driven to find our clients the right finance. Talk to us about car loans today!

Secured Car Loans

We love our cars, but a new vehicle can be a big expense on the family budget.

That doesn’t mean it needs to cost you extra time to find the right car loan for your situation.

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Loans for you and your family

What do I need for a car loan application?

Applying for a car loan can be as easy as showing your driver’s license (or another form of ID) and two payslips.

Some lenders require certificate of currency or quote showing 12-months of comprehensive vehicle insurance. This will be attached to your policy, and the dealership will likely need to know who the lender is to finalise the purchase.

How can I get a better deal from the dealer?

With access to a car buying service, we’re able to help find you new or demo cars.

Chat with us before seeing a dealership and we can assist in finding a better car loan on the vehicle you want.

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Get a better finance rate

Why use 808?

Chances are you just want a car now. You don’t want the run-around with lenders to avoid getting ripped off.

With 808 Finance, you get to see the car loans available without the worry that there’s something better around the corner (if there is, we’ll tell you!).

We handle the paperwork talk to the bank, so you can think about the optional extras, seat covers and humble-bragging on social media post about your new purchase.

For more information, including how we make money without charging you anything, learn more about 808 Finance.

We're driven to find our clients the right finance. Talk to us about car loans today!

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