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Equipment Finance

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Access finance options for cars, as well as recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles, plant and equipment for your business.

Looking for car loans, truck loans, equipment loans or finance for a business fit-out?

Applying for Equipment Finance

Building your business? A broker can help you find corporate financing that is tailored to fit your business and financial situation.

The right loan is particularly important when purchasing depreciating assets. We will save you money on interest and fees, keeping overheads low.

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What can I get asset finance for?

Yep! Equipment finance options include personal loans, car loans, a variety of leases, commercial leasing options and even chattel mortgages.

Asset finance is generally used for personal toys like go-karts, jet-skis, boats, bikes, caravans, cars and everything in between. Want a helicopter to make that morning commute more bearable? Asset finance!

We can also finance business toys like trailers, forklifts, work vehicles, office fit-out, shelving, specialised equipment. Need a new hanger to park your helicopter? Asset finance!

Asset loans without the hassle.

Why use 808?

Equipment finance can be a little tricky to compare lenders.

There’s more to selecting a loan that fits your specific circumstances than choosing the one with the lowest rate.

You wouldn’t order a meal without looking at the menu; why would you apply for a loan without seeing what you may be missing out on?

We’ll handle all of the paperwork and liaise with the bank on your behalf. By using a broker, you don’t have to worry about all the boring stuff.

For more information, including how we make money without charging you anything, learn about us here.

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Apply for a loan without the hassle.

Looking for car loans, truck loans, equipment loans or finance for a business fit-out?

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